All great relationships

start with a conversation.

Have you ever wanted to road test a marketing partner? Try before you buy? Now you can. We are the Business Intervention Group and we have BiG marketing ideas for you. Do you have a business challenge? We can help you resolve it. Give us two hours of your time – no strings attached. Whatever valuable insights that result are yours to keep.

Your investment?


Your confidential information will stay confidential, as we will be bound by the conditions set forth in a mutually signed non-disclosure agreement.

There will be no fees invoiced to you for this Intervention. Not for transportation, not for lunch, not for our time, not now, not ever.

You will not be solicited beyond this workshop. That is a promise.

You will not be put on a mailing list. Unless you would like to, as we do have some interesting and valuable content to share on a regular basis.

You will have to identify and describe a business challenge that requires an Intervention. You may already have a lingering issue that has been causing you some anxiety. If you don’t have any business challenges, we’d still love to meet and learn from you.

Your rewards?


Decades of marketing communications and business strategy experience at your table for two hours, for zero dollars.

All that results from the Intervention is yours to keep and use. We only own the process that allows us to intervene. And we still own that spiffy Business Intervention Team name too, sorry.

You get to try before you buy. Experience how seamlessly we work together. How quick we are to respond. How smart we are. How well we listen. And yes, let’s have fun in the process!

You score valuable insights on a nagging business challenge. This could be a stepping stone to a revised strategy that you are free to develop on your own, with your existing partners or with our marketing support team.

if you’d like to know more about how this works.

We are

Agencies spend tens of thousands of dollars on business development pitches. We think Business Interventions are a cost-effective way to meet with fantastic new clients who would love to work with us. Investing two hours of professional time to better get to know one another is smart business. Valuable insights that result from our meeting are our way of demonstrating how much we appreciate your allowing us to get to know you, your team and your business.

What types of Business Challenges can be leveraged in a Business Intervention?

to see a list of examples that might give
you ideas for your own company.

Why are we
doing this?

Anyone will tell you how great they are. Well, we believe that the only way to sell great service is to actually demonstrate it. Let’s speed-date. If we both benefit from our two hours together, just imagine where a long-term relationship could take us.

Are you ready for a Business Intervention?

to reach us. We’d love to hear from you
even if you just want to know more about
BiG and what we can do for you.

How does
it work?

You pick a business challenge that you would like us to tackle using marketing communications. We have designed our workshop so that you get the best value out of the process.
We meet with your decision makers at which time you unveil the business challenge you would like us to solve. We start with a clean slate: We do no advance thinking, research or other preparation. How does this benefit you? You get to see our raw expertise.
Our facilitator will guide us through the two hours of the Intervention, with the objective of formulating valuable insights on the business challenge.

Our graphic recorder will document the Intervention, visualizing valuable insights and chronicling the path to success.
Within a week after the Intervention, we will recap the Intervention and provide you with five Key Learnings to help you plan a solution to your business challenge.
You keep everything: the Path, the Insight and the Satisfaction.

for examples
of business challenges.

Who we are

We’re experts from various fields, joining forces to form the Business Intervention Group. Even if we have our own distinct styles and operate independently, we do great things together.

Dawn A. Sutherland

President, Sutherland & Associates Inc.

Dawn manages Interventions like a symphony.

Jean-Marc Demers

President and CEO, Braque 

Jean-Marc dishes out tough questions and keen insights.

Marie-Josée Bourque

Vice-president, Account Services, Braque

Marie-Josée provides a grounded approach
to the solutions we bring to the table.

Stéphanie Blais

Director of Strategy, Braque

Stéphanie intuitively draws insights from collected data and facts to assemble decisive plans.

Esther Buchsbaum

President, energi PR 

Esther ignites the brainstorming process with her extensive business experience.

Sara Heppner-Waldston

Graphic recorder, Saragrafix

Sara helps us document, enliven and enrich
the Intervention.

Who we work with:

What is your

Here are some examples of Business Challenges we can help solve. No matter how complex the situation, Business interventions are a great way to gain crucial insights and steer the issue in a brand new and positive direction.

and employer

life cycle

Brand image/

Erosion of

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We’re the Business Intervention Group,
and we’re brewing BiG ideas for you.

Reaching us is easy!

Call us at 1 877 278-8232,
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